Mission Philippines - In the land of the Aeta tribe

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

(Isaiah 41:10)

Aeta People

Aeta Misson 

Church Planting

The Aeta communities belong to the Negritos ethnic group. Their tribe can be traced in the settlement of the first Filipinos or inhabitants of the Philippines. The Aeta people are distinguished from other Filipinos through their dark skin, curly hair, and small body height. These indigenous people have a particular bond to the nature. The jungle in the mountains is their farm and they have the ability to survive in the deep jungle.​

Mission Good News supports the indigenouse Aeta people, spiritualy and practically.

The MGN Mission Team in the Philippines, composed of the missionary family Schmid and child & youth worker Paz San Juan, venture since 2014 continuing mission trips to different Aeta communities in the region of Bataan. 

In 2015 could the mission team plant a small home circle in the Aeta community of Abucay. After years grew the small community into a church.  

After 3 years of nursing the MGN team could entrust the church leading into the hands of locals. In order to go on and plant another church.

Today many learned to live in permanent settlements. The most of the Aeta people is living from hunting, fishing, and farming. They’re selling bamboo, fish, lobster, honey, and fruits to the lowlander. The Aeta people have their own language, but they communicate to the lowlanders and outsiders in Tagalog (Filipino).

The church in Abucay faced some existential challenges, but by hindsight it let them grow in faith, unity, and number. 

The Team proclaims the Good News,  encourages believers in their faith. They bring the children the joy of Jesus, and support the needy active.  

These peaceful nature people are extremely shy and they`ve quite difficulties to assimilate to the modern world. They live in solitude regions as social outsider and try to help themselves. They are always more and more confronted with the modern world. They need help!

The continuing mission trips realizate the planting of a church and farm project. Now, the mission trips of the team first focus on taking care to the church in abucay, and the farm project in Bagac. 

In the present time, the MGN Team support the Abucay church in the backround and with occasional mission trip assignments. The team is now planting a church in Baguio city and at the work to provide discipleship education. 

Discipleship Training

Mission Team

Farm Project

The MGN Mission-Team of the Philippines

The demand of workers on the mission field was never so immense, like in this present time. The population is growing and so the spiritual thirst and also the number of people in need.  

Jesus Christ is on His way and He will soon come.! Most bible scholar confirm this. We need helpers and therefore we`re mobilizing disciples and equipt them for their ministry 

The 2 hectares MGN Farm is is lying in the green mountain area of Bagac, Bataan and at the same time close to the coast of the South China Sea. We support the Aeta community with a livelihood farm project. We provide for the Aeta community farm land for cultivation. They can plant vegetables and fruits and use the harvest for their own profit. As return they`re taking care to the maintenance of the farm.

Missionary-Pastor Andreas Schmid

Missionary Carmela Schmid

MGN designed an intensive Training Program for the new disciples generation. The training last 3 months and take place in the Philippines. After finishing 3 months training begins a 12 months Online Training, which is not tied on a certain location. 

Next to the farm livelihood project, we`re planning to build for the Aeta community a spiritual centre, on the Farm land. It is our goal to provide for the Aeta community a place for church activities and discipleship training.  

Missionary Paz San Juan

The IDT Training is focusing on bible study, spiritual grow, and practical experinces. The training is for all who have the burning desire to serve Jesus in daily life, as missionary, church leader, child & youth worker, or worship leader.

To this project belongs also the implementation of computer education courses. In order to improve the occupational chances for the grow up generation and to enable them to the affiliation to the modern world.

Pastor Alfred Reyes